Garden Hoe 16 inch


This Garden Hoe is an Indian product, specially designed, perfect to cultivate the soil and remove weeds.

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Garden Hoe 16 inch

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16 inch


5 inch




Carbon steel


A Garden Hoe is a garden hand tool used to cultivate the soil and remove weeds. It’s an ancient tool that predates the plow. Hoes were used in ancient Egypt and in the Sumerian culture to cultivate gardens. It’s a simple design—a long handle with a paddle, blade or stirrup at the end, typically at an angle to the handle.

If you have perennial gardens, a more delicate touch and a thinner hoe may be required. Hoes are useful in preparing garden and flower beds and cutting down weeds. Look for a comfortable handle with a long reach. Flat hoes are good for turning the soil in rows in vegetable gardens.