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Peppyflora Reviews

We appreciate all our customers' feedback. We score 4.73 out of 5 based on 490 reviews.

Based on 490 reviews
Poinsettia Red
V.M.E.J. (Mumbai, MH)
Loved it!

Came beautifully packaged and very helpful team ❤️❤️❤️

Anthurium Crystallinum
Sharmistha Mohanty (Bengaluru, KA)
Very Healthy Plant

Recieved a healthy plant. This is undoubtedly, the prettiest plant in my collection. The leaves and veining are immaculate!

Passion Flower Purple
Kakoli (Puducherry, PY)
Very happy with the plants and the packaging.

Excellent online plant purchase experience. Not only were the plants of good quality, they were packaged very well and took minimum time to arrive. Very happy.

Epipremnum Cebu Blue - Blue Pothos
Sharmistha Mohanty (Bengaluru, KA)
Healthy plant.

Recieved the plant within 2-3 days, a healthy and wellpacked plant that I am sure will thrive. It already has tiny fenestrations. Repotted into a mix of worm castings, cocopeat and pumice. However, I only wish that there was more than one young plant in the pot, 2 would have been great. Can't complain though since the plant is well rooted, and I can propagate soon to make the plant bushier. Pot is from amazon, blue handpainted leaves for Cebu Blue!

Monstera Peru
Ashish Biswas (Delhi, DL)
Recent order

Excellent quality of plant & also sent in good packing to minimize any transit damage

Manjula Pothos - Epipremnum Manjula
Reshma Potnis (Ahmedabad, GJ)

Manjula Pothos - Epipremnum Manjula

Caladium Thai Beauty
P.K. (Pune, MH)
Good plant. Very happy

Received it today in good condition and well packaged. It's a little droopy right now because it's leaves were folded up because of the packing, but I think a little TLC for a few days will make it bounce back. It's got a new leaf peeping out so I hope it stays strong and sturdy because I wanted this variety for the longest time. Thank you Peppyflora.

Big investment.. !

Finally got this as it was on my list for a long time. Very well packed, healthy plant with 3 leaves. Worth the hype ao far !

Healthy plant.. trying for a second time

My first Callisia died after a few days, so trying again. Received a healthy plant, hope it survives !

Purple Wreath - Petrea Volubilis - Sandpaper Vine

First Love Yellow - Xanthostemon Chrysanthus

I recently had the pleasure of ordering plants from peppyflora, and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I placed my order to the arrival of my plants, I was thoroughly impressed by their quick delivery and the outstanding health of the plants.

Excellent packaging

Received 3 plants of bird of paradise.Packed immaculately.Hope the flowers are of the colours as in the pic.Time will tell…

Philodendron Brasil
SK (Mumbai, MH)
Received in good condition

Happy with purchase! Lovely bright coloured plant

Monstera Obliqua
SK (Mumbai, MH)
Worth it!

Super expensive but worth buying . Healthy plant received in good condition, packed with care by Peppyflora.

Healthy plant received

Thanks Peppyflora team, as always you have sent a lovely plant well packed . I have put it up on a moss pole so it can climb.

Monstera Dubia
SK (Mumbai, MH)
Healthy beautiful.plant

Recwived a healthy thriving plant in perfect condition,

Mandevilla Red
S.G. (Delhi, DL)
Mandevilla Red

Recieved my order today. Healthy & looking plant. I am a happy plant parent ☺️😊

Thunbergia Coccinea
P.K. (Panjim, GA)
Good quality

The plant was in good condition. And also received in time.

So far so good

Ordered Grafted Adenium Bonsai Triple Petal Tricolour Purple-Pink - PFR94 and received in good condition. Transferred it into a bigger pot and it's thriving. Well I'm looking forward for it to bloom.

Grafted Adenium Bonsai Triple Petal White - PFR17
Ranjan Gangajaliwale (Bhopal, MP)

Received plants in good condition and waiting for flowers.

Awesome overall experience

Plant was delivered within 2 days , in excellent condition.

Pachira - Money Tree
Salman Sha (Bengaluru, KA)
Safe packing

The plant is healthy

Thunbergia Coccinea
Sunshine C (Hyderabad, TG)
Thunbergia Coccinea

The plant came very well packed and secured! Also I wasn't expecting it to be as big as they were which was a plus!

Now we just have to wait to see if it's really the Coccinea or if it ends up as Thumbergia Erecta/Grandiflora instead! Finger's crossed though!

Mandevilla Red
Mallika Medhi (Guwahati, AS)
Mandevilla Red

I received a healthy plant and till date it is doing well

Adenium Plants

Healthy Plants received and waiting for flowers.

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