Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – Zz Plant
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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – Zz Plant


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or ZZ plant is an air purifier and an excellent houseplant with its evergreen waxy, smooth leaves.


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What's included?

  • Healthy plant pre-potted with organic fertilizer
    ~ Plant size: 6″-10″ tall (including pot)
  • Plastic pot
    ~ Pot size: 11 cm in diameter

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Quick Facts

Known As

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, ZZ Plant, Zu Zu Plant, Emerald Palm, Zanzibar Gem

Growing Difficulty​​



Partial / Bright indirect light



Pet Friendly


Air Purifying

Yes! Removes xylene, toluene and benzene from air

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia
ZZ Plant


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia has been around for centuries, originating in drought-prone Africa. A couple of decades ago, Dutch nurseries located in South Africa saw the plant’s propagating potential and in 1996 started distributing it around the world. Since then, ZZ plants have entered homes and offices worldwide.

ZZ plant has wide and dark green leaves which can reflects sunlight and brighten room. Grows slowly to a height and width of two to three feet. 

It can tolerate any kind of negligence, drought, low light conditions. Thus for the beginner it will be the best choice to bring it in your own place. This plant is well known for its air purifying qualities.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia gives an elegant look to the living room. It’s also important to note that all parts of the plant are toxic if ingested so make sure to keep it away from kids and pets.

Dos and Don’ts after receiving the plant

  • Do not re-pot the plant immediately after receiving. We’ve taken care of that with better pot and rich soil.
  • Keep the plant in indirect sunlight for 3 to 7 days.
  • Always check the soil moisture and keep the plant hydrated all time. Do not over water it.