Monstera Pinnatipartita



The Monstera Pinnatipartita is a rare plant with gorgeous leaves. What makes it so exciting to grow Monstera pinnatipartita is the dramatic leaf transformation as the plant matures.

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What you get
  • Healthy plant pre-potted with organic fertilizer
    ◦ Large plant size: 16″ – 24″ tall (including pot)
    ◦ Small plant size: 10″ – 12″ tall (including pot)
  • Plastic pot
    ◦ Pot size: 11 cm in diameter
Quick facts
  • Known As: Monstera Pinnatipartita
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Light: Partial / Bright indirect light
  • Water: Moderate
  • Air Purifying: Yes
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Monstera Pinnatipartita

Monstera Pinnatipartita Product Peppyflora 02 Moz

People treasure Monstera Pinnatipartita for its beautiful foliage. It is a stunning epiphytic plant native to the tropical rainforests of Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. As an epiphyte, the plant’s aerial roots cling to a tree to grow. So now, you can see why you have a rare plant as it can grow in the ground and as well as on a tree. 

Like most Monstera varieties, this plant is prized for its fenestrated leaves; however, this monstera variety is unique because instead of producing holes or slots that only extend midway or so into the leaf, the slots reach nearly all the way to the midrib on the leaf. Actually, only mature plants produce leaves with this dramatic fenestration; the leaves of young Monstera Pinnatipartita plants are solid with no holes or slots at all! In fact, the mature and juvenile forms don’t even look like the same plant.

The plant has a stem at the base with a central axis with the primary support divided into nodes and internodes. These nodes produce a leaf with a petiole. The roots anchor the plant on a tree or in the ground.

This eye-catching plant is actually fairly simple to care for and perfect for intermediate houseplant parents and Monstera lovers. Place the Monstera in a semi shady or light spot, in filtered sunlight. Make sure the potting soil is always mildly moist, but not wet. It’s best to water the plant regularly, and to give small amount of water each time, just enough to moisten the potting soil. We also recommend regularly misting the leaves to maintain a high humidity.