Nolina Palm – Ponytail Palm
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Nolina Palm – Ponytail Palm


The Nolina Palm, also known as Ponytail Palm or Beaucarnea Recurvata, looks stunning for Its sleek bulb-like trunk and lush, long curly leaves.

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Nolina Palm
Ponytail Palm
Beaucarnea Recurvata

Quick Facts

Known As

Nolina Palm, Ponytail Palm, Beaucarnea Recurvata, Nolina Recurvata, The Elephant’s Foot

Growing Difficulty​​



Partial / Bright indirect light



Growth Rate


Pet Friendly


Air Purifying



The Nolina Palm, more commonly known as Ponytail Palm or Beaucarnea Recurvata, is forgiving and easy in its care makes this an ideal houseplant for many people. It is a fun green plant that you could take home yourself or give to a friend. Oddly enough, a ponytail palm tree is neither a palm nor a tree. In fact, it is a member of the Agave family and is actually a succulent. Other common names for this plant include the bottle palm tree or the elephant foot tree.

Beaucarnea Recurvata is one of the best air purifying plants. In addition to converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, this species further cleans the indoor air by absorbing toxic pollutants and gases.


In the past, it has been classified as either Nolina Recurvata or Beaucarnea Recurvata, but the latter is now the correct classification of this plant. The common characteristics of this plant include a bulbous trunk, which is used to store water, and its long, hair-like leaves that grow from the top of the trunk like a ponytail, giving the plant its renowned name.

Growing ponytail palms in the home is easy. Technically, a ponytail palm tree needs bright light, but because it is such a forgiving plant, it will be okay if you give it bright light about half the time. In fact, if you keep it in low light conditions half the year and provide bright light conditions the other half the year, it will be perfectly happy.

Package description

  • One nolina palm ~ 8 – 12 inch
  • One plastic pot ~ 11cm

Dos and Don’ts after receiving the plant

  • Do not re-pot the plant immediately after receiving. We’ve taken care of that with better pot and rich soil.
  • Keep the plant in indirect sunlight for 3 to 7 days.
  • Always check the soil moisture and keep the plant hydrated all time. Do not over water it.