Philodendron White Princess


The gorgeous and highly sought after Philodendron White Princess is at the top of many plant collector’s wish lists, and for good reason. The colour expression changes several times over time. It is an absolute contrast artist and if you’re lucky you might see the half-moon leaf too!

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What's included
  • Healthy plant pre-potted with organic fertilizer
    ~ Plant size: 8″ – 14″ tall (including pot)
  • Plastic pot
    ~ Pot size: 11 cm in diameter
Quick facts
  • Known As: Philodendron Erubescens White Princess
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Light: Partial / Bright indirect light
  • Water: Moderate
  • Air Purifying: Yes
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Philodendron White Princess


The Philodendron White Princess is a truly unique plant, characterized by deep green, heart-shaped leaves with white variegation. It is one of the most rare and desired tropical houseplants and it’s easy to see why. This is a unique addition to your houseplant collection. Its stems are streaked in a beautiful red with white variegation. Young plants shine with light green leaves that are provided with an almost white variegation. Over time, these ripen to dark green leaves variegated in bright white to varying degrees. The Philodendron white Princess feels particularly comfortable in a bright place without direct sunlight. This is where the chances of new variegated leaves are greatest.

It is an evergreen creeper or you can say climber. This plant can be used well to decorate your home, doesn’t need much care, easy to handle. If you are about to start gardening and you are a beginner in this field then Red Emerald will be perfect for you.

This ease to care for plant is one of the most popular houseplants. In tropical regions it can survive outside, however in most places it is used strictly as a houseplant. While blooms on this fast-growing climber may appear at any time during the year most plants in confinement never bloom. The Philodendron is an evergreen vine that thrives in partial shade at moderate temperatures.