Staghorn Fern


Staghorn Fern, Platycerium, also called Elkhorn Fern due to their weirdly wonderful, unique, antler shaped leaves.

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What you get
  • Healthy plant pre-potted with organic fertilizer
    ◦ Plant size: 8″ – 12″ tall (including pot)
  • Plastic pot
    ◦ Pot size: 11 cm in diameter
Quick facts
  • Known As: Staghorn Fern, Platycerium, Elkhorn Fern, Platycerium Bifurcatum
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Light: Partial / Bright indirect light
  • Water: Moderate
  • Air Purifying: Yes!
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Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern Product Peppyflora 02 Moz

Staghorn Fern gets its name from the large, bifurcated, antler-like fronds that shoot out dramatically from the centre of the plant. They make fascinating specimen houseplants and look particularly effective as a hanging plant once the fronds get long enough to start trailing. As epiphytes that grow naturally in the crooks of tree trunks, they’re ideal candidates for mounting, as they require little root space to thrive.

This beautiful fern is unlike any other plant. For optimal health, it should be kept away from direct sunlight. This plant works well placed on a wall bracket where it can be left hanging and growing. The large leaves provide a sense of peace that is different from other aerial plants.

Platycerium is a genus of about 18 fern species in the polypod family, Polypodiaceae. Ferns in this genus are widely known as staghorn or elkhorn ferns due to their uniquely shaped fronds.

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