Tillandsia Ionantha Druid – Ionantha Yellow


Tillandsia Ionantha Druid is an average sized Air Plant that is known for its yellow bloom. This is a rare Ionantha that is sought out by collectors for its unique look.

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What you get
  • Healthy air plant
    ◦ Plant size: 2″ – 5″
Quick facts
  • Known As: Tillandsia Ionantha Druid, Tillandsia Ionantha Yellow, Tillandsia Ionantha Albino, Druid Air Plant, Tillandsia Ionantha Blue Eyed Druid
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Light: Partial / Bright indirect light
  • Water: Mist with occasional bath
  • Mounting: Easy mount with glue
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Tillandsia Ionantha Druid
Tillandsia Ionantha Yellow

Tillandsia Ionantha Druid Ionantha Yellow Product Peppyflora 02 Moz

Tillandsia Ionantha Yellow or Tillandsia Ionantha Druid is a rare Air Plant that turns yellow when bloom. It is one of the most colourful of the air plants, which are part of the genus Tillandsia from the Bromeliaceae family. They are small, hardy, round, and have many uses. Spiky green foliage sprouts out from a round base and they will surpise you with their blooming colours.

When in bloom Druid Air Plant display a blushing beautiful yellow colour with white tubular flowers. It is very exciting when they burst into colour!

If you want to grow air plants indoors and the air is dry, you will need to mist it frequently and keep it near a window where the air flows.

The air plants are unusual, in that they can grow on almost anything without the need for soil. The Tillandsia, AKA air plant, is native to Mexico, Costa Rica, Central America and parts of South America, and has become a popular ornamental plant throughout the world. The small air plant produces a colourful array of shoots, ranging from pink to blue to purple. While these plants appear difficult to grow due to their unusual characteristics, air plants are very hardy and air plant care is simple. In fact, you mostly just need to mist the air plant occasionally.