Philodendron Hastatum ‘Silver Sword’
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Philodendron Hastatum ‘Silver Sword’


Also known as Philodendron ‘Silver Sword’, the Philodendron Hastatum has large silver, almost metallic-looking foliage.

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Philodendron Hastatum 'Silver Sword'

Quick Facts

Known As

Philodendron Hastatum ‘Silver Sword’

Growing Difficulty​​



Partial / Bright indirect light



Growth Rate


Pet Friendly


Air Purifying

Yes! Removes formaldehyde from air


The juvenile leaves on the Silver Sword start as a pale metallic grey and become a deeper blue-green colour as the plant matures. Its leaves naturally try to climb upwards, because of this it is best supported with a moss pole or plant stake. They become larger and more elongated as they mature and climb higher. This impressive looking plant is easy to propagate from cuttings, which you can then place back in the pot to continue to grow a full and bushy plant.

It is an evergreen creeper or you can say climber. This plant can be used well to decorate your home, doesn’t need much care, easy to handle. If you are about to start gardening and you are a beginner in this field then Blushing Philodendron will be perfect for you.


This easy to care for plant is one of the most popular houseplants. In tropical regions it can survive outside, however in most places it is used strictly as a houseplant. While blooms on this fast-growing climber may appear at any time during the year most plants in confinement never bloom. The Philodendron is an evergreen vine that thrives in partial shade at moderate temperatures.

Package description

  • One philodendron hastatum ‘Silver Sword’ ~ 4 – 6 inch
  • One plastic pot ~ 11cm

Dos and Don’ts after receiving the plant

  • Do not re-pot the plant immediately after receiving. We’ve taken care of that with better pot and rich soil.
  • Keep the plant in indirect sunlight for 3 to 7 days.
  • Always check the soil moisture and keep the plant hydrated all time. Do not over water it.